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Uptown Coffee News has a regular following, loyal readers who pick up a copy each week for a variety of reasons. On average, we each see over 3,000 different commercial messages daily. Advertising is everywhere. Most small and medium-sized businesses are poorly served by print, radio and TV advertising because of the simple fact that in order to reach the people who are potential customers, they have to buy at least four or more times the circulation they need. Even direct mail, which does allow them to choose their own circulation, can be very expensive and often not viewed.

Enter Uptown Coffee News

Your neighborhood business "needs" neighborhood coverage, and there’s very little, if any, advertising media that allows you to target your advertising dollars so precisely and effectively at such a reasonable price. Uptown Coffee News manages to reach the highest concentration of potential customers of any media- for a fraction of the cost!

Uptown Coffee News provides reasonably priced advertising to local businesses in a publication that is read by choice and not intrusive such as direct mail, flyers and inserts in your newspaper. Uptown Coffee News builds a base of loyal readership that need services advertised within our paper. Most people seek services close to their home, work and community.

Exclusivity means greater Return on Investment. We only allow one ad per service/industry per Edition. Call today to set an appointment to discuss your Advertising needs and goals.
Advertise now with Uptown Coffee News and gain the Coffee News Advantage. Find out how!

Uptown Coffee News Added Benefit

Our New "Hot Links" feature in the advertising and at our website gives our advertisers additional exposure. Call us to find out how "Hot Links" can benefit your business. "Hot Links" is an added benefit at no cost to the advertiser!

Contact Uptown Coffee News today! Call (253) 863-6619 or contact us via email and Uptown Coffee News will contact you with all the information needed to get started right away.

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